InterSteels Ltd is a family run business established in 1987 and has grown to become the largest Fabricator/steel stock holder in South London.

Universal Beams - InterSteels

Universal Beams

Columns - InterSteels


RSJ's - InterSteels


Channels - InterSteels


Circular Hollow Sections - InterSteels

Circular Hollow Sections

Square Hollow Sections - InterSteels

Square Hollow Sections

Rectangular Hollow Sections - InterSteels

Rectangular Hollow Sections

Equal Angles - InterSteels

Equal Angles

Unequal Angles - InterSteels

Unequal Angles

Mild Steel Flats - InterSteels

Mild Steel Flats

Mild Steel Rounds - InterSteels

Mild Steel Rounds

Mild Steel Squares - InterSteels

Mild Steel Squares

Mild Steel Plates - InterSteels

Mild Steel Plates

Accessories - InterSteels